More Emotion. More Sensationalism.

by hailtothenihilist

PETA is in decline says Kent Morris of Thoughts From The Midst The Mulga (sic). “Eventually,” he theorises, “there will be no-one left to support them, with the possible exception of an unwashed Lezzo with dreadlocks, wearing hemp knickers that smells of pot smoke.” You must watch out for those unwashed, pineapple-haired dykes. They’ll support your animal rights cause good!

Kent is your typical guilty animal user. He obviously hasn’t thought the matter through or maybe he is just poor at articulating a sound argument. If he had, he wouldn’t complain about being told that the dairy industry rape cows. The cows are interfered with in order to reproduce. They don’t submit to such a thing. They certainly don’t behave in a way that resembles consent. They certainly don’t initiate it. It seems to fit the definition of “rape” pretty well. It’s just that people like Kent don’t want to have the notion of rape on their conscience. Whether raping an animal in such a way is morally wrong or not. I wonder what Kent’s take on bestiality is? Personally, I am with Singer on the issue. I’m sure fraternising with a horny dog is arguably more consensual–on behaviouralist term–than artificially inseminating a dairy cow.  Maybe Kent thinks I am being too anthropomorphic but what else do we have to go by? I don’t support the notion of animals being bred for purpose. My perfect world doesn’t contain domestic animals that need to have decisions made for them. But seeing they’re here, decisions need to be made. Of course they’re going to seem anthropomorphic. It’s better than the alternative that ascribes little value–other than use value of course–to these sentient things.

Folk like Kent enjoy using disparaging terms like “extremist” and “radicals” in an attempt to punctuate their flimsy appeals to tradition. Referring to “PETA” just won’t do. It has to be “PETA radicals” in order to get the point across to their apathetic followers. In doing so, they attempt to appeal to people’s preconceptions of “radical cults” and “religious extremism”. Thoughtful people see right through this.