Fiona Lake, Meat Free Mondays & Propaganda

by hailtothenihilist

I’m not going to provide a thorough critique of Lake’s article, “Meat Free Monday Propaganda“, in this blog. I will be sure to at a later time–it’s a doozy and deserves to be challenged. However, I will point out an interesting phenomenon. Fighting propaganda with propaganda.

In this particular article, Lake takes issue with Animals Australia as a propaganda group out to ruin the lives of Australians. I agree that most organisations like Animals Australia regularly employ tactics that seem over-emotional or sensational–Meat & Livestock Australia, presumably Lake’s preferred lobby group are experts at this. It gets results. But it also earns you adversaries. What’s funny is Lake ardently takes issue with the concept of propaganda; and emotionalism and sensationalism as PR tactics. Yet, her piece reeks of all these things. The organisations that represent her industry are also quite adept at it.

In this piece Lake condemns groups for appealing to emotion and being sensational, by appealing to emotion and being sensational.