MAC’s “Be Safe; Be Seen” Campaign

by hailtothenihilist

This campaign annoys me. It puts the onus on cyclists as usual. Cyclists are usually in the wrong and ought to pick up their game, it implies. They are not visible so how are motorists meant to see them? This is all fluff. 

Next time you’re on the road observe the cyclists sharing it with you. How are they dressed–appropriately? Most cyclists do make themselves seen. Most encounters I have with cars are a result of a motorist failing to be observant. My favourite, and this happens all the time: parking to the left of a bike lane, checking your mobile before getting out of the car, and just swinging the door open. It happens almost daily to me. What more can I do? Thankfully, when riding near parked cars I ride slow and cautiously. Hence, I have never had a crash. But someday I will and it will not be my fault.