In Response to Alexandra Jamieson

by hailtothenihilist

I remember Alexandra Jamieson from “Super Size Me”. She was Morgan Spurlock’s then-girlfriend as he embarked on an all-McDonalds diet that did all sorts of nasty things to his body. She was a vegan.

Recently Jamieson announced that she is no longer vegan. She gave into the needs of her body and has resumed an omnivorous diet. She asked not to be judged, ridiculed or shamed. She pleaded with her audience to listen to their bodies too on a quest to a more shame-free life.

Jamieson said very little in her announcement about the plight of animals. She did implore that we only consume ethically-produced meat and animal products so she has some ethical leaning. But that’s about all she said of the animals that give their lives so people like her can satisfy so-called needs and to shrug the supposed shame of a vegan life.

I didn’t really expect much of Jamieson on the ethics of eating animals. She was vegan for health reasons and the ethical aspect was just an aside. If she were more involved with the ethics, perhaps she wouldn’t have stopped being vegan? Perhaps she would have realised there is more to this than just human urges and tenuous health claims.

In a recently video Jamieson emerged upset by much of the response she has received. Vegans are the bad guys she implies. She cites that she has provided 10-years of service and that they should respect that and cheerfully pull up a chair at her table of peace, love and understanding. Mind you, this is a table that hasn’t room for cows, sheep or pigs. It’s a melting pot of gluttony and devoid of compassion. It’s a place where all can be discussed so long as it is not at all judgemental or related to the ethics of human behaviour. It’s a open, accepting place where we can all thrash about in the mud like proverbial pigs in shit. It’s a place where sanctity of opinion and fallacies thrive. Where moral enquiry and logical argument should be hung at the door along with your coat. It doesn’t at all sound like a dinner party I would like to attend.

Jamieson is an author. Does anybody sense a book in the works?