I’m a horrible person

by hailtothenihilist

Welcome to Hail To The Nihilist. This is apparently an “anonymously” written site belonging to a “destructive” vegan. It’s anonymous because my full name, date of birth, passport number and address aren’t published on the “about” page. It’s destructive because I oppose the property status of animals. Two things:

1. Any mildly savvy person can trace this blog back to my full name and telephone number. Want any more information than that? Tough.

2. My mission in life isn’t to destroy an industry employing thousands of people. My mission is to stop animals being treated as property. If thousands of people lose their livelihood because of that, I’m only too happy to help these people, however I can, transition into new industries. Sometimes industries collapse.

The other day a champion of the #agchatoz conversation on Twitter suggested I stop by on Tuesday night to learn a thing or two about animal agriculture. I didn’t expect too much and I am glad. I arrived amidst a hackfest of the #meatfreeweek campaign. Not only were the “agchativists” hijacking the hashtag with such comments as “On menu this week 2 keep in theme #MeatFreeWeek sausages,bacon,pork&lamb chops,rissoles& grass feed steak. Think I got hang of week now!” but there was lots of carry on about the so-called hidden agenda of the campaign’s founders and the socioeconomics of those in support of it. Not being the sort of guy that sits on the fence, I jumped to defence. I learnt a number of things about the #agchatoz crew:

1. Ad hominem attacks are the order of the day.

2. They can give but they cannot take.

3. When it doubt, exhausted and/or frustrated: rant.

Sadly, I resorted to blocking two of the members. Apparently because I am a coward. The way I see it was because I was sick of being harassed. I have a tough skin. I can take what I give. However, there comes a time when enough is enough. I’m not going to answer questions like “why do you want to destroy our lives?” I don’t want to destroy anybody’s life. However, when your livelihood is based around an industry that is on increasingly shaky ethical ground, one has to be responsible for their fate. Coals on the way out. What about all the coal workers? They’ll probably transition to a new industry. That’s what happens. I don’t like coal. It’s bad for the environment. It’s not that I hate coal workers and want to see their lives destroyed at all. I want what is best for the environment and if that means the coal industry collapses, well that may just have to be. People are made redundant every day. It’s a pity but rarely is it a surprise.

I don’t want to ruin people’s lives. I want them to make better lives for themselves. Lives that don’t revolve around the systematic exploitation of animals (humans or other).