To Understand Animal Welfare Issues One Mustn’t be an Urbanite

by hailtothenihilist

I just read this comment on an article at The Land about live exports: “Perhaps Sylvia is a city dweller who never mixes withanyone (sic) who understands what is involved in agriculture or knows anything about live export”.

I’m sick to death of hearing this kind of folly from rural / agricultural Australia. I am quite sure there is no mutual exclusivity between urban Australia and animal welfare. The facts of the matter are quite plain–the animal welfare standards which we expect are not being satisfied in some instances abroad. This is not a matter that requires one to be of the land to acknowledge and appreciate. In fact, if one is invested in the land, their response is likely to be one that has their own interests in mind have elements of self-interest. I expect that.. (Well, it certainly seems to be the case, for “livelihood” seems to be one of the most bandied about terms in the debate.) I acknowledge that this is a big, mean issue where there is a lot–economically, socially and emotionally–at stake. However, rural Australia those guilty, most of which are of “rural Australia”, please don’t insult we who live in the city.

(Update: Please read the words of this, and any other, post I write carefully. Please tease out the premises, they will lead you to my conclusions. Read again, carefully. If you find any obvious mistakes, please, by all means, bring them to my attention via the comments. I will either explain them–if they are in fact not mistakes–or will happily correct myself. By stating “I’m sick to death of hearing this kind of folly from rural / agricultural Australia” I mean just that. I am sick of hearing something that a group of people are saying. I am not claiming everybody in that group says or thinks that. I am claiming that some have. I am claiming that as fact. I can, as there is evidence. And I am sick of hearing it. Again, fact. This is evidenced by the fact that I know pretty well and am the only person capable of offering a fairly accurate verbal report on I‘s behalf.)