Celebrate what you don’t have

by hailtothenihilist

Read this beautifully articulated comment, by Penny Pincher, on Econest in response to a post about simple living:

“I love the thought of celebrating what I don’t have. Too often people dwell on the things they don’t have and depression follows. Well, I don’t have a MacMansion, I don’t have a mortgage or any debt, I don’t have fine jewellery, new clothes, make up nor perfumes. I don’t have overseas holidays, restaurant dinners, cafe lattes, nights at the movies or at the concert hall. I don’t have a fancy mobile, cable TV or a big wide screen plasma. I don’t have shampoo, commercial cleaning products or exotic toiletries. I do have a garden to grow food in, the internet for a wealth of ideas on things to make for myself, a job I enjoy and a family to love and be loved by.”