Woe is me and human interactions

by hailtothenihilist

Something bites at me like nothing else. The idea that I am intentionally out to disparage people. That I am so sanctimonious I will do anything to become the victor. This isn’t correct and isn’t my intention.

It boils down to this. I see no problem asking questions and challenging views. I see no problem correcting myself or others. I thought somebody used a word incorrectly the other night but wasn’t too sure. I verified its meaning. This was seen as an act of trying to prove another wrong for my own gain and glory. No, for me, this was a process of falsification. It was an act of integrity. I may have been wrong as I wasn’t confident enough in myself. I don’t want to go through life sharing untruths. I was verifying the word to ensure I didn’t have the wrong idea. I wasn’t completely right, almost. My friend was completely wrong. Is this cause for celebration? No. But if I were him, I’d be thankful I wouldn’t make the same mistake in the future. Perhaps in a more crucial context. It’s called education.We both learnt something. I cared, the other didn’t. He was still set in the belief that I was out to do ill by him, to show off, to bring him down.

This makes me want to interact less with people. It seems no matter what I say I am seen as doing wrong; being malicious.