Hail To The Nihilist

Month: June, 2013

On Sustainability

The word ‘sustainability’ certainly makes me feel optimistic, provided it has been used with the right end in mind. In many contexts it is nothing more than a buzz word. A word used with the intention of eliciting a response from a certain group of people–getting the be-seen-to-be-doing-something types to buy your stuff. Sustainability requires sacrifice. We have hit a point where our behaviours have become unsustainable. But these companies that misuse the word postulate the illusion that sustainability can be achieved without sacrifice. I’m weary of this use of the word.

A reply to Jessica Fleming (Aussie Dairy) et al

I think I went over the maximum character limit, so I am not sure this comment will be published on the Weekly Times Now article it is in relations to, “Spark in Online Animal Activist Threats“. However, I’d like those involved in the article to read my comment nonetheless. To summarise the article, Jessica Fleming a dairy farmer/blogger has received an increasing number of threatening and abusive emails from “animal activists”. She makes a few comments about the collective that I think are generalist and unfair.

Dear Shannon Twomey, Jessica Fleming, and Curt of Mackay –

Want to know what’s also very frustrating? Being told that we “really do not understand agricultural industries” and have “no practical experience of any description”. Who are these people you are describing? Your ideal of an animal activist or a truth? It fits your rhetoric to think of them all as left-leaning arts graduates that live in share-houses in Fitzroy or Coburg or Newtown or Bondi. However, this is far from a truth. Those that choose to spend time fighting for better treatment of and/or rights for animals come from all walks of life and I’ll have you know plenty of them are ex-industry.

It’s tempting for me to add that you “really do not understand animal activists” and have “no practical experience of any description” in rallying against legislated injustice. However, I don’t really think that of you. I don’t know you. Animal ag’s response to the live export ban (I don’t know which side of the fence you guys sit on as it has diverse support) is testament to a willingness to rally in such a way. And I do applaud you all for using the internet as a means to have your voice heard and to contribute to the dialogue. I agree that contributions should be without abuse. But I also think they should be without fallacy, without logical errors, and based on evidence. And shouldn’t resort to statements like “You surely can’t know as well as us, we’re on the coalface”.

Things Cost Freedom

I use to be careless with money. I would buy all kinds of stuff I didn’t need or really want and thought nothing much of it. It’s only money after all.

I came to realise that money is in fact a sacrifice of freedom. For every dollar I earn I have to give up a bit of my freedom. I give this up by sitting behind a desk, doing work, when I would probably prefer to be doing something else. Every purchase I make costs me freedom. That $4.50 cup of coffee or $120 pair of jeans. They didn’t cost mere money they cost my freedom. Freedom I cannot get back.

I think by looking at money this way one puts more consideration into the way they spend. Are these ‘things’ really worth the sacrifice?