Welcome to Hail To The Nihilist. The name–part great album by the brilliant band, Radiohead, and part stolen from an old blog I use to write at, Nihilistology. (Remember me?)

What’s the purpose, you ask? A good question for a blog with the word “nihilist” in the title. Incase you haven’t already worked it out, I have a thing for philosophy. Hence this blog, really. I wanted a place where I can do philosophy. Nothing too stodgy. Rather, me applying some concepts to stuff in everyday life.

What angle to I come at it, you ask? From all-over-the-shop in a greatly coherent manner. Huh. You’ll see. Read.

What are the main themes that I am likely to explore, you ask? Easy: veganism, environmentalism, voluntary simplicity, socialism and capitalism and a partridge in a pear tree. One of the other key reasons I am starting this is to stir the proverbial in the animal rights space. It’s an area I have a strong interest in–as an “ethicalĀ herbivore”–but have little opportunity to expand upon–it’s slightly inappropriate for my business blog, I feel. Everyday I read things that make me think, my blood boil, or have me almost give up hope. Here I will rant… I mean, philosophise with a great amount of care.

Who are you, you ask? My name is Paul. I’m 20-something. I studied philosophy at Macquarie University for a bit–I will finish the degree. I am an ethical herbivore (aka outspoken vegan). I am a bit of a contrarian. My opinions are rarely popular, but are logically sound–usually. I debate with people too much–well, so I am told by them. I constantly get told to respect other people’s opinions, to get off my moral high horse, to get a life, and to stop preaching. Rarely do I enjoy rebukes that are heavy in rationality and logic. (If you’re going to comment, I suggest you take your vitamins.)

My views are my own–for obvious reasons–and not those of my employer. Yada.

That’s enough about me. On with the show. (I love the show Miranda.)