Getting a Feel

In an old job I had I was responsible for training new administration staff. One particular staffer was an obsessive note taker. Constantly as I showed her things she would ask me to stop so she could note it down.

One day I asked her how often she referenced the book. She admitted hardly ever.

On review of her progress she wasn’t making ground as most other people did and she still asked a lot of questions. The notes were a distraction from getting a “feel” for the tasks and systems. Sometimes it is better to just sit, watch and think for a while and not document those thoughts. Sometimes it is best to watch how something is done a few times and explore the logic rather than just try and remember it.

I’ve just started a new job and the first couple of days have been all about “getting a feel”. I feel I have learnt so much more than I would have any other way following this method. You see, I haven’t tried to remember too many whole things. Rather, how certain things link together.