Lost With Potatoes

A hiker that required rescuing in the Blue Mountains has coped a $500 fine for being underprepared. He carried potatoes and naan bread.

Are people nuts? Do they seriously wake up one day and think: “I’m going to go for a multi-day hike to an area I know nothing about, and I am going to do no research as to what to expect or how I should manage myself”. I say this as an avid planner. When I plan a big hike I devour everything I can on the track, area, weather, gear requirements and so on. Before embarking on my first big hike, the Travers Sabine in New Zealand, I spend months in preparation. I read blog after blog. Forum after forum–asking questions that I needed answers to. Site after site. Whilst you’ll never be fully prepared for what to expect, there are some fundamentals that need to be satisfied.

A kilogram of spuds? Ha. The bread, not a bad idea as naan is a lot more durable than loaf bread. But spuds. All that weight and cooking. A kilogram of nuts would have been a better option.